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ShieldCPS can be tailored to fit your requirements from the basic individual risk assessment package. At every stage of the procurement process you will find that we are here to help and aim to serve you well.

Technical Training for ShieldCPS


Our courses, designed by specialists, will quickly build a level of competency that you can be proud of. Our training courses are developed and delivered by Centiant International and consist of:


  • Trainer Training Courses

  • Online CBT Training

  • Annual Refresher Courses


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Bespoke Software Developing


Customers can have any of our free resources adapted to meet their own personal and special requirements. This could incude, but is not limited to:


  • Agency Branding

  • Automated Risk Matrices

  • Automated Thresholds for Intervention

  • Print Options

  • Save Options

  • Secure Emailing

  • Datebase Storage

  • Form Question Adaption


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ShieldCPS CSE Database System


The ShieldCPS CSE Database System populated by apps for iOS8 and Android is currently under going beta testing and is due for release Jan 2016:


  • graphical dashboards (including dynamically re-configurable charts, graphs, timelines and specialist graphical elements)

  • inclusion of geographic data (so that searches can be based on proximity to points of interest)

  • natural language processing of text fields (ie to find and tag names or CSE specific language within text entries)

  • automatic reporting (generation of reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis)

  • automatically triggered email alerts (ie for certain areas, ages or suspect involvement)


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