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Blake Fowler (Child Protection)


Blake Fowler was 7 years old when he died from a severe head injury. He tried to tell the authorities about the abuse he was forced to endure at home but his pleas were repeatedly ignored. Teachers, health workers, police and social workers have all apologised after failing to act swiftly enough to save the schoolboy.


A report found that, before his death in December 2011, Blake was beaten, exposed to pornography, forced to drink vodka, and neglected.


No one has ever faced any criminal proceedings over his death, despite traces of Artex (ceiling material) found in Blake's hair by forensic experts following his fatal head injury.





Keanu Williams (Care Leavers)


Keanu Williams was 2 years old when he was beaten to death by his mother. Rebecca Shuttleworth became "invisible" to authorities during months of cruelty due to a "collective failure" within Birmingham child services.


Keanu, who was born in Torbay, died in Birmingham in January 2011 after suffering a skull fracture and a severe abdominal injury at the hands of his mother, Rebecca Shuttleworth.


Formerly of Hay Mills, Birmingham, Rebecca Shuttleworth, was jailed for life in June after a near-six-month trial heard her son suffered at least 37 injuries.





Gloria Foster (Adult Mental Health)


A housebound pensioner died after a council left her without food or medication for nine days when the care agency she relied on was shut down.


Gloria Foster, 81, who had dementia and had suffered several strokes, was dependent on visits from carers four times a day.


But ‘busy’ social workers admitted they failed to arrange alternative care for the frail widow, after the UK Border Agency raided the premises of privately owned agency Carefirst24.





Winterbourne (Elder Abuse)


Four people are arrested after BBC Panorama revealed a pattern of serious abuse at the Winterbourne View private hospital near Bristol.


The programme set up undercover filming after it was approached by former nurse Terry Bryan.


Hospital's owners Castlebeck, apologised and suspended 13 employees.


NHS South West said it was "appalled" and the Care Quality Commission said there was an "unforgivable error of judgement" in not investigating earlier abuse claims.



Case Studies Using ShieldCPS



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