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Babysitter who had sex with 11-year-old boy gets suspended sentence

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Petition: Provide Fair Financial Support for Fostering and Adoption Families

ShieldCPS can assess risk at an individual and organisational level – ideal for reviewing risks such as Winterbourne View, Stafford Hospitals and Baby P.

How it Works


A SINGLE CONTINUAL ASSESSMENT - You decide who can access the file; it records everything you do with a child and evaluates the risk – consistently!


USES THE BEST SYSTEM - ShieldCPS instantly works out the needs and risks presented using the trusted Assessment Framework (UK) formula.


EXCELLENT RISK ASSESSMENT - ShieldCPS ensures the needs and risks are addressed through the use of its unique risk assessment system.


EXCELLENT RISK MANAGEMENT - ShieldCPS instantly tells you when the the plan is working and whether the risk is going on for too long.


MULTI-AGENCY INFORMATION SHARING - ShieldCPS allows information to be entered by anyone working with that child or adult – you decide who.


BETTER ACCOUNTABILITY - ShieldCPS will capture who has submitted the information.


IMPROVED PLAN OVERVIEW – ShieldCPS can provide professionals, carers and service users with an instant overview of plans and how they are progressing.


SERVICE USER ACCESSIBILITY – ShieldCPS can facilitate service user access to enable them to monitor their own plans and services and contact the right people for each service.


INSTANT ALERTS - ShieldCPS can be used for all recording of risk and need, no need to contact social services as ShieldCPS alerts them immediately with the information from any agency.

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