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Harm, Significant Harm or Level of Risk? 



Are your children's risks ALARP?

Until now, most risk management has constructed using linear formats (ie Microsoft Access, MYSQL, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, spreadsheets or even self-produced forms).


LexiconP has championed, and developed an innovative non-linear approach, utilising visualisation in order to produce an intuitive method of risk management that ALL can understand instead of just the professionals. 


The evolution of ShieldCPS is not an ill thought out 'knee jerk' reaction to any particular event; rather, it is a development born from natural progression following the recommendations made from a series of tragedies. We must learn from these tragedies or else needless lives will continue to be lost and/or harmed.

How does ALARP help social care? 
What does ALARP stand for? 
Why Visualise Risk?
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