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Quote for Developing a Database Backed System based on ShieldCPS CSE Risk Management Tool for Third Parties



Proposal by Dr Sukhdev Gill MBA FIET 

Reference: ShieldCPS/CSE/WIX/Issue 1

Aug 2015 



Proposal to develop a database backed system based on ShieldCPS CSE Risk Management Tool for third parties at ‘cost price’.


This proposal is submitted by LexiconP Limited to notify third parties of the possibilities afforded by developing an advanced database system based on ShieldCPS CSE Risk Management Tool. This document shall also inform the reader of the development specifications, lead times and the ‘Rough Order of Magnitude’ (ROM) costs involved.




This proposal has been prepared in response to discussions on the advanced possibilities afforded by designing a bespoke database system based on the Shield Child Protection System’s Child Sexual Exploitation (ShieldCPS CSE) Risk Management Tool. The current 'Finish Button' on the tool will be replaced by a 'Send Button'. The third party owner of the ShieldCPS CSE system would then recieve live CSE assessments from all of their concerned partner agencies (LSCBs, schools, careers, etc). These assessments are then securly and confidentially stored within the third party's mainframe system and will remain under their full control with no outside influence.


The advantages of collating this information, for intelligence, are endless. Examples can include, a vehicle registration, a suspected perpretrator, a named associate, an area of activity that could identify 'CSE hotspots' or if a vulnerable child's name appears in numerous reports, the third party owner is automatically alerted. This allows for disruption and intervention based on evidence. See additional features at PHASE 4.     


Understanding the Requirement


Through our work with the West of England Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Victim Identification and Support Service we have made reference to complying with the recommendations listed in the Appendices to the Office of the Children’s Commissioner’s report If it’s not better, it’s not the end.



Scope of Work


The overall development of a proposed ShieldCPS CSE database system will be completed in four phases as defined in the following sections.




Design of server script and database support for CSE, Safe as a persistent web application/platform intended for hosting on third party Intranet and web browsers as used by the client.

Duration: 1 week




Creation of core tables and services, from above design, in order to provide working service endpoints for CSE applications.

Duration: 2 weeks




Provision of a fully adapted and integrated Web User Interface design, using service endpoints from Phase 2 (above).

Duration: 1 week




Development of server side code and client enhancements to provide advanced features such as graphical dashboards (including dynamically reconfigurable charts, graphs, timelines and specialist graphical elements), inclusion of geographic data (so that searches can be based on proximity to points of interest), natural language processing of text fields (e.g. to find and tag names or CSE specific language within text entries), automatic reporting (generation of reports on a daily/weekly/monthly basis), automatically triggered email alerts (e.g. for certain areas/ages/suspect involvement) to name but a few.

Duration: 1 - 2 weeks (variable as reflected in the cost)





LexiconP Limited will deliver the following items:


  • PHASE 1: Deliverable will be a database schema, a web service point interface specification and a development design document.

  • PHASE 2: Deliverable will be a working database solution that can be populated to third parties and/or LexiconP consultants ahead of a fully integrated solution. This will include server side code to create, read, update and delete tables with HTTP requests, with examples provided and some initial integration with the client front end.

  • PHASE 3: Deliverable will be HTML JavaScript CSS and documentation covering acceptance test cases and user instructions modified from existing material.

  • PHASE 4: Deliverable will be the detailed server side code.





LexiconP Limited will provide 'pro bono’ consultancy for the duration of the development and agrees, in principle, to developing the bespoke ShieldCPS CSE Database System at cost price. As a result, LexiconP Limited is able to offer the following firm price quotations for developing the ShieldCPS CSE Database System:


Total cost (ROM) £14,500 - £17,400 (Dependent of time needed for PHASE 4). Additionally, LexiconP Limited can assist with supporting system implementation, authoring training publications and trials subject to further discussions.


  • PHASE 1 - £2,900

  • PHASE 2 - £5,800

  • PHASE 3 - £2,900

  • PHASE 4 - £2,900 to £5,800 (Dependent on time needed)





LexiconP Limited will maintain the standard of security that is required to prevent any unauthorised disclosure of classified information. All information provided, under any contract resulting from this proposal, will be treated as "LexiconP Limited in Confidence" unless otherwise instructed.



Project Initiation


Work will commence upon acceptance of a formal contract or acceptable written approval to proceed. Where work proceeds, prior to acceptance of contract, such work will be performed according to the terms of this proposal. Following the acceptance of the formal contract, the terms of the contract shall apply retrospectively.



Retention of Records


All Quality Assurance records related to any contract arising from this proposal shall be retained for a period of six years following completion of the contract. Thereafter, all records will be destroyed or returned to the customer.



Legal Status


The full legal status and title of LexiconP Limited to be used in contracts is: LexiconP Limited, Malvern Hills Science Park, Geraldine Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 3SZ, England, United Kingdom.



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