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It would be fool hardy to have one of the country's leading developers in Information Sharing and Security Technology provide leading edge technology solutions, if we did not show the same dedication and attention to detail to providing the after-sales service and support that is required to help them maximise their role to the benefit of local authorities, children and their families.  

A wealth of technical experience, coupled with the consultancy provided by those who have been there and done it, means we can add value where it matters. This will help us aspire to building a long and trusting relationship with your organisation.


24/7 Technical Program Support
Provided by the software designers.

Technical Infomation and FAQ
Remember, frequently asked questions drive innovation and improvements. If you have a query, share it with us and we will provide a speedy resolution or answer.

Hints and Solutions
As a result of our development of the ShieldCPS, we will provide many useful hints and explanations to help you get the maximum out of the program.

You can book a roadshow presentation, to visit your authority, at a time that is convienient to you.

All speakers are highly experienced social workers that understand your needs.

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